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Sexy Girl 2 program (thighs / abs / glutes) – 8 weeks

25,00  25,00 

Complete 8 weeks exercises program to gain firm thighs, a flat stomach and nicely shaped glutes
☆☆☆ Intermediate at Confirmed Level

! Necessary equipment :  Our 15 kg resistance band or 20 kg


This program is not the sequel to the sexy girl 1 but a program in its own right.

Concieved and designed by our professionnal coaches, The Sexy Girls 2 program contains new, highly targeted exercises, including buttock exercises for a firm, bouncy popotin, exercises to work the abdominals for a flat stomach and finally exercises for the thighs in order to firm them up quickly. We also add exercises to work the waist.

This program consists in a thighs/abs/glutes exercises note per week, with illustrations and description of each movement. The exercices sessions are progressive and allow to easily and efficiently muscle abs and butts for quick and lasting results.
Our coaches are giving you their advice and have selected the best targeted exercises to maximise your results. The exercices are to be carried out 5 to 6 days a week (15 minutes a day).


PDF compatible The e-book is directly downloadable via your email inbox after confirmation of your purchase and remains downloadable via your «my account» space.

 PDF program compatible with your PC, tablet and smartphone.

 Equipment Required: Our 15 kg resistance band or 20 kg

Our programs are non-refundable.


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