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The best market place for your popotin

Anti-cellulite cup


100% silicone medical anti-cellulite cup, effective to fight against cellulite and reproduce the effects of a palpate-roll massage.



Our I Love My Popotin anti-cellulite cup can reproduce at home the effects of a palpate-roll massage, to fight cellulite deeply and firm up as well as tone up your skin.

It can destoke fat cells and stimulate blood circulation within the tissues to get ride of cellulite effectively (lymphatic and blood circulation). Our cup can be used on any type of cellulite and suits every skin types.

Changes in 3 weeks

After a daily period of use of 3 to 4 weeks, results will already be visible. Cellulite will start being eliminate and your skin being smoother and more firm.

it is essential to use a massage oil for a good use. Use our grapeseed massage oil to optimize your results. It will nourrish you skin deeply and increase the lymphatic drain.

How to use our cup?

Compulsorily apply a fat oil before you start. Use our cup on the body areas affected by cellulite: thighs, buttocks, knees, calves, belly and arms.
Timing for your session is 5 minutes a day, and by body area.

Apply the grapeseed Aromazone oil  on the body areas affected by cellulite. The cup must slide well on your skin.


Caution :

The cup must be used only on the body areas affected by cellulite such as thighs, hips, buttocks, belly, knees and the triceps area of the arms.

 Compulsorily use it with a fat oil. Strictly cannot be used on the face, nor the mammary glands, nor on a dry skin.

 The massage must always be done from the botton to the top, to respect the flow of blood and lymphatic circulation. Don’t do back and forth on the area (down-up-down-up).

 Do not use for pregnant women, or on skin with varicose or other vains/cutaneous issues (allergies, wounds, burns, oedema, etc…). Do not use on recent skin strech marks (pink or purplish-blue). Get around this area during the massage. When in doubt, please ask medical advice.

 Bruises may appear during the first days. They will disappear with regular use.



A detailed card is of course sent in the delivery of your order.
We advise you to use the ‘I Love My Popotin’ anti-cellulite cup after your training session with our resistance band. This will increase the results even more.



Additional information

Weight 100 g


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