Fitness Vegan Protein 750 grams


Fitness Vegan Protein 750 grams chocolate taste, gluten-free, aspartame-free, lactose-free. Natural protein derived from yellow pea protein, rice and spirulina.

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The Fitness Vegan Protein 750 grams chocolate taste by Eric Favre is a protein with scrupulously selected active ingredients is a perfect alternative to whey protein, egg or even beef protein and will be perfect for people suffering from allergies, intolerances , Or which in principle consumes only proteins of vegetable origin. With a protein ratio of about 80%, Vegan Protein helps to maximize muscle mass gains or to maintain this mass in dry or diet periods just as a quality isolate would. Vegan Protein uses the best sources of vegetable proteins like yellow pea protein, rice protein and spirulina This protein helps to preserve muscle mass thanks to the vegetable proteins that contribute to increase the muscle mass. It brings you tone while promoting muscle maintenance. Low in sugar it also accompanies you during your periods of thinning

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