30 kg fitness resistance band : Monster Popotin (66 lbs)

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Our 30 kg fitness elastic band is the essential accessory for your training sessions and thighs / glutes workout… at home.
+ fitness trial program offered!

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It is heavy ! Very heavy ! Here is the famous elastic monster popotin! Monster? Yes because it has between 30 and 40 kg of resistance of which to defy the biggest fitgirls. You will not find such resistance elsewhere !

Our 30 kg ‘monster Popotin’ fitness resistance band is a remarkably effective tool for all your fitness training sessions and enhancing muscular workouts. Ideal for efficiently working on your thighs and glutes thanks to the 6 numbured handles and 1 central handle of 30 cm to work on the hips, it will allow you to switch between various exercices positions in order to effectively target your muscles.

With its 1 meter length you can use it for the arms, back, glutes, chest, shoulders and abs. Easy to pack, you can slide it in your bag for external or internal gym workouts. A 30 kg resistance will allow you to work even more to accentuate your results. We advise you to start with our 15 kg resistance band if you begin.

Specially conceived to build your glutes, very effective and robust, it allows you to gain results really quickly. You can move the handles closer for an increased difficulty of around 5 kg (11lbs).

With the resistance band, we offer you a week trial program for you to be initiated to the basic movements. You can discover our level 3 and 4 exercises programs to use with the 30 kg resistance band.

 Only for advanced Fitgirl (more than 4 hours of sport per week)

Made in France  Made in France 

 Delivery in France and international

 Shipping in 3 to 13 days

Buy your resistance band directly in our store : 89 rue de l’ouest 75014 PARIS or 17 rue Chanzy 75011 PARIS


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